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Product of Andalusia
Product of Spain
Distribution of Haute Cuisine Ready Meals and Patés Gourmet class.
The Brazales family has a centuries-old tradition in the processing and marketing of food products.

R.Brazales Gourmet is our bet by the products of the highest quality in pâtés and ready meals gourmet class for the final consumer and for restaurateurs.The enormous success on the regional market led us decide to enter into a process of expansion to other markets, both nationally and internationally.

This site is dedicated to professionals all around the wordl looking for new flavours and recipes.
We show you our range of gourmet products, an extraordinary possibility of business for professionals specializing in foods of the highest quality. Range of flavours perfectly defined which take into account the characteristics of the end consumer and professional, at the time that have flavours that are unprecedented in a pâté so far.

Our range of pâtés and ready meals is in continuous development, introducing news periodically keeping the possibility of new products that adapt to the changing tastes of the market.