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Haute Cuisine ready-to-eat meals.
Our mission is to offer the demanding gourmet costumer endless gastronomic possibilities that our region provides, renowned for its delicate flavours, its high quality products and its long culinary tradition built over hundrends of years based on the Mediterranean diet.
These ready-to-serve prepared meals are the best way to consume haute cuisine within a few minutes.
Quick-cooking delights to enjoy leisurely.
Cooked meats ready to eat, timbales with an amazing presentation, just open and remove from the mould, tinned products preserved in extra virgin olive oil with unique flavours and aromas. All of them have a 18 months shelf life at room temperature.
We have specific formats for the restaurants and catering professionals. See information for restaurateurs in the link which is a little further down. If you need more information, do not hesitate to  contact  us.
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